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Resource Description: Spectra and photometry of galaxies derived from cross-match between SDSS, GALEX, and UKIDSS catalogs

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  author={I. Chilingarian and I. Zolotukhin and I. Katkov and A.-L. Melchior and E. Rubtsov and K. Grishin},
  howpublished={{VO} resource provided by the {VOXastro} Data Center}


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NameTable Head DescriptionUnitUCD
objid Objid SDSS ObjID (unique identifier) N/A
gg2d Gg2d ? GIM2D pure Sersic model g-band magnitude mag phot.mag;meta.modelled
rg2d Rg2d ? GIM2D pure Sersic model r-band magnitude mag phot.mag;meta.modelled
rhlg Rhlg ? g-band galaxy semi-major axis, half-light radius kpc phys.size.smajAxis;src.orbital
rchl_g Rchl_g [-336,284] g-band galaxy circular half-light radius kpc phys.size.radius
rchl_r Rchl_r [-336,284] r-band galaxy circular half-light radius kpc phys.size.radius
e E ? Galaxy ellipticiy (G3) N/A src.ellipticity
phi Phi [-360,360] Galaxy position angle (G4) deg pos.posAng
s2g S2g [-89,98]? g-band image smoothness parameter (G6) N/A
s2r S2r [-75,99]? r-band image smoothness parameter (G6) N/A
ggmag Ggmag [-37,7]? Absolute, rest-frame g-band GIM2D galaxy magnitude (Eq. 3a) mag phys.magAbs
rgmag Rgmag [-36,6]? Absolute, rest-frame r-band GIM2D galaxy magnitude (Eq. 3b) mag phys.magAbs
ng Ng [0,8]? Galaxy Sersic index N/A

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